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Individual solutions for different industries

Over the decades, we have not only expanded our portfolio of services and competencies, but also our customer base. As a certified and established supplier to the automotive industry, we also wanted to make our expertise available to other industries. Today, a wide variety of industries benefit from our high-quality products, our reliable services and the quality that distinguishes Humbach as a company.

Heat & air technology
Warming up for the future

The heating and air conditioning industry is in a state of flux. The challenge for manufacturers is to maintain a range of proven technologies while meeting the demand for technical innovations. Humbach supports you with components that complement conventional systems for gas and oil as well as heat pumps and solar systems.

Automotive supplier industry
Staying innovative with certainty

In vehicle development, the rule is: higher, faster, further - and still safe, functional and efficient. The components sometimes have to withstand high temperatures, demanding media and intensive stress. As a proven partner, we at Humbach know exactly what the automotive supply industry needs and have a very good overview of the industry.

Sanitary industry:
Fulfil requirements flawlessly

Sanitary products should be visually and aesthetically appealing, and at the same time durable, functional and hygienic. With our products, we at Humbach address these needs and offer stable, temperature-resistant and resilient components that are characterised by high versatility of use and even higher quality.

Furniture industry:
Focus on quality

Quality plays a decisive role in the manufacture of furniture - both in terms of the stability and durability of the end products and in terms of their aesthetic appearance and functionality. We deliver quality so that you can deliver quality: Humbach supports your furniture production with high-quality components according to your specifications.

Mechanical and plant engineering:
Participate in progress

When countless parts interlock, maximum precision is required. This is the only way to guarantee the safety, functionality and availability of machines and systems. Precise planning and even more precise execution are therefore the be-all and end-all of Humbach production. As your partner for components, perfection is the minimum standard for us.

Plastics industry:
Adapt to change

Plastics are used in many places and in many different ways. Flexibility and adaptability are therefore important success factors for companies in the plastics industry. We want to enable our partners in the industry to fully exploit this potential and manufacture components according to individual requirements.

Your advantages

What all sectors benefit from

Highly efficient production with top quality

Flexible production for individual requirements

Close cooperation at eye level

Diverse expertise and broad experience

Modern production and precision equipment

Additional services around storage and delivery

Meticulous and demanding quality assurance

Precise knowledge of industry needs