Customer service

To us, customer service means being available for you, understanding you and quickly developing solutions to problems. 

Logistics and inventory management

Logistics and inventory management

Upon request, we can keep adequate stock available to reflect the expected demand or specific circumstances.

Our logistics also constantly strives for quantity, deadline and quality improvements in our delivery capacity and includes our perfectly organised delivery availability.

Document management

Our document management system is completely integrated into the SAP system as a database. We create and maintain correct and complete company documents and information.

The system ensures that all departments and employees can quickly access the necessary data at all times.

SAP system

We work with the SAP Business One software for small and medium-sized businesses, this is because we are integrated into the international value chain of the automotive supplier industry.

This central data repository means that all relevant company information is always at hand. This enables quick decisions and fast responses to your changing requirements.

Protection of confidential information

We consider, respect and are fully aware of matters relating to the confidentiality and security of information and data pools of our business partners and handle these professionally.

In cases in which the disclosure of confidential information is appropriate, we conclude individual non-disclosure agreements.